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The Endearing Tradition of May Baskets Endures here at LAC

As spring blossoms into full bloom, it brings with it a charming and time-honored tradition known as May Baskets. Originating from centuries-old customs, May Baskets have woven their way into the fabric of seasonal celebrations, offering a delightful expression of friendship, community, and the joys of springtime.

Ancient Roots: The roots of May Baskets trace back to ancient pagan rituals celebrating the arrival of spring and the fertility of the land. In pre-Christian Europe, people adorned baskets with flowers, fresh herbs, and other natural treasures, then hung them on door handles or left them on doorsteps as offerings to nature spirits and deities.

Medieval May Day Festivities: During the Middle Ages, May Day celebrations flourished throughout Europe, marked by festivities honoring the changing seasons and the renewal of life. Villagers would gather wildflowers and greenery to create elaborate garlands, wreaths, and Maypoles adorned with colorful ribbons. May Baskets became a cherished custom, exchanged between neighbors and loved ones as symbols of goodwill and friendship.

Victorian Era Elegance: The tradition of May Baskets reached new heights of popularity and refinement during the Victorian era. In England and the United States, May Day festivities became elaborate affairs, complete with parades, picnics, and intricate floral displays. May Baskets adorned with lace, ribbons, and fragrant blossoms became fashionable tokens of affection, exchanged by suitors and admirers as romantic gestures.

Celebrating May Baskets Today: Here at LAC, May Baskets continue to capture the imagination and warmth of our campers each year. The weekend before May 1st, we craft May Baskets using paper hats, candy, and flowers. Kids and adults alike then can sneak the baskets onto the doorknobs of loved ones, carrying with it the spirit of springtime and the joy of spreading kindness. Then in the evening we have May Basket Bingo, where we celebrate the season with prizes of baskets filled with goodies and treasure.

Year after year, May Baskets serve our campers and staff as reminders of the beauty of nature and the importance of connection with neighbors, loved ones, and community.

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