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Policies & Guidelines

For EMERGENCIES always dial 911

If you have a security complaint call: 
Front Office: (920) 295-3000
If there’s no answer, please dial 
After Hours Security Number: 
(920) 299-5418
Albie the white squirrel dressed as a security gaurd

Welcome! We're Glad you're here!

  • Quiet Hours: Quiet Hours are from 11pm-7am. After 11pm, please be reasonably quiet and turn off music, and please keep kids under 18 supervised at the campsite. 

  • Visitors: Expecting visitors or extra guests on your site? Have them stop at the office to register their vehicles. Don’t worry, we don’t charge extra fees for vehicles. Overnight you can have up to 4 adults per site, and as many kids as you think you can handle. Adult day visitors are $6 each.

  • Alcohol: Camping and beer go together, but please enjoy responsibly. Excessive drinking may result in your neighbors hiding your beer cooler. 

  • Vehicles: Golf Carts, electric scooters, and bicycles are welcome to help you scurry around the campground! If you brought your own golf cart, please stop up at the store for a list of golf cart rules. All vehicles must obey the 5 mph speed limit, and any motorized vehicles must be driven by a licensed driver. Mini bikes, ATVs, and any gas-powered vehicles that are not street legal aren’t allowed in the campground.

  • Keep Sites Clean: Please keep your site clean and place trash by the side of the road for pickup before you leave.

  • Trees & Bushes: You never know what tree Albie’s calling home- so please ask us before you cut any standing trees, bushes, or branches.

  • Enjoy a Swim! Take a dip in our pools or swimming area on Lake Puckaway. No lifeguards, so swim at your own risk. Swimming in Lake Arrowhead is not recommended unless you’re a fish. For your safety, don’t swim in the boat lagoon.  

  • Catch a Fish! Lake Arrowhead is a privately owned, stocked pond so you don’t need a fishing license!  Keep in mind you will need a license to fish in Lake Puckaway.

  • Other Sites: Please don’t go on other people’s sites- this is their little slice of paradise, so please be respectful.

Failure to abide by the campground rules may result in a suddenly shortened vacation.

Check-In 4pm 
Check-Out 3pm

Check-In 3pm 
Check-Out 10am

Quiet Hours

11pm-7am daily

Albie over a clock and spiral.

Important times

Important Times

Kid Campers

Kid Campers

We love kids here at Lake Arrowhead- that’s why Kids Camp Free! We do have a few special rules to  keep Kid Campers under 18 safe and having fun.

  • After 10PM, we ask that all our Kid Campers stay away from the Lake Puckaway beach and lagoon unless accompanied by a parent.

  • After 11PM, we ask that all our Kid Campers be at a campsite and supervised.

  • We would like to remind parents that they are responsible for their children's behavior while they are staying here at Lake Arrowhead Campground.

  • Kids, make sure you check out our Activity Schedule to see all of the fun stuff going on just for you!

Albie the white squirrel with his lunch and a backpack

Medical Attention

These facilities are all approximately 30 minutes away, and they are the closest hospital facilities to Lake Arrowhead Campground. 

Berlin Hospital- (920) 361-1313 
Urgent Care & Emergency Room 
Ripon Hospital- (920) 748-3101
Urgent Care & Emergency Room

Portage Hospital- (608) 742-4131
Urgent Care Facility: 
Weekdays- 5pm- 11pm  Weekends- 11am- 11pm
Emergency Room: 24 hours/ day 

Albie the white squirrel with bandages wrapped around his head and a first aid kit
Medical Attention

Severe Weather

Albie the white squirrel with an umbrella
Severe Weather

We put in an order for sunny & 75 degrees  all week, but in case the server messes up our order and we get bad weather…
• Listen to the radio or watch local TV stations for the latest weather information.
• If you need to take shelter, the best place to be is the cement block shower building next to the pool.

Local Radio Stations: Portage- 100.1FM      Madison- 94.9FM
Madison TV Stations: 3, 15, 21, 27, 47, 57
Emergency/Weather Frequency: 162.450

Your Location:
Lake Arrowhead Campground
W781 Fox Court
Montello, WI 53949

We are located in Eastern Marquette and Western Green Lake Counties.

Keep Albie's home Green!

We want to keep our park and Albie’s home nice and clean, and we need your help! 
We pick up garbage and recyclables daily from your site. 
Just remember these simple guidelines:

  • Put co-mingled recyclables in a clear bag, separated from regular garbage.

  • Regular garbage can be placed in a dark bag. 

  • Set garbage and recycling bags by the road for pick-up by 2pm. After hours, you can place your garbage between the maintenance building and propane fence.

  • Do not leave the bags out overnight or your site will be very popular with the local wildlife. That’s popular in a bad way, folks.

  • We do not pick up large items like chairs, mattresses, appliances,  or building materials.

Albie the white squirrel with a trash bag
Garbage and Recycling

We Love furry friends!

  • Keep pets leashed. 

  • Pick up Pet Poop Promptly. 

  • Don’t let Rover get lonely… don’t leave your pet unattended.

  • Please keep your pets outside of buildings and the pool fence.

  • No pets in cabins (except designated pet-friendly cabins). 

  • We know Rover likes to play too, but please don’t take him on the Jumping Pillow or playground equipment. 

Albie the white squirrel walking his pet turtle
Pet Policy
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