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September 11, 2021


Entry Forms will be available on Saturday, Sept 11th at the Information Booth.


There will be 2 Awards given in the Dessert Competition. 50% of all money raised goes to the Marquette County Food Bank. We will split the remaining 50% between 2 prizes.
  • ŸPeople’s Choice- 35% of all money raised & Award Medal
  • People’s Honorable Mention- 15% of all money raised & Award Medal


●   All food must be handled in a safe and sanitary manner.

●  All entries must be turned into the judging area no later than 2pm.

●  The dessert submission can be presented in any type of pan or dish. Be prepared to have your dessert split into 40 tastes. Each taste should be 2-3 tablespoons, so the volume of your dessert should be at least 6 cups. If you would like to pre-portion your dessert, you are free to do so but you are not required to do so. We will have volunteers in the judging area serving up desserts, and will scoop portions into small cups if it is not pre-portioned. 

● Each contestant can only submit one dessert. (One BBQ team or campsite can have multiple contestants, as long as each contestant pays the $15 entry fee).

● All desserts must include no less than 5 individually purchased ingredients. This means the contestant must have combined a minimum of 5 ingredients while preparing the dessert. Please bring an ingredient list with you so we can inform people with food allergies. (This does not have to be a recipe, just a list of ingredients)

● No raw eggs may be served in the dessert. 

● In an effort to allow the community to participate, desserts may be prepared off-site. If you choose, you can prepare your dessert at home before coming to the campground.

● Any method of cooking or preparing the desserts is allowed. Ovens, crockpots, stoves, grills, and camp fires are all permitted.

Note: This is not a KCBS Dessert Competition, and will not be using KCBS Rules.

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