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Becoming a Seasonal Camper: Two Paths to Your Perfect Retreat at Lake Arrowhead and Lakeside Campgrounds!

At Lake Arrowhead & Lakeside Campgrounds, we offer two exciting pathways to becoming a seasonal camper and unlocking the ultimate camping experience. Whether you're eager to jump right in with a trailer already set up on a site or prefer to join our waiting list for a spot to bring in your own trailer, we've got you covered.

  1. Trailer Sales: If you're ready to dive into seasonal camping headfirst, purchasing a trailer already set up on a site is the way to go. Check out our inventory on our trailer sales website to explore a variety of options, including both used trailers sold on consignment and brand new custom-built park models. When you buy a trailer, you also secure the rental of the seasonal site (please note the site rental fee is not included in the price of the trailer). Often, it's the quickest and easiest way to become a seasonal camper and start enjoying all that Lake Arrowhead has to offer.

  2. Join the Waiting List: Do you have a camper you just love and you aren’t ready to trade it in? No problem! Contact us to be added to our seasonal waiting list, and we'll notify you when a spot becomes available to bring in your own trailer. Sometimes, we even have open sites available immediately for those who call to be on the waiting list. Plus, you'll always have the option to turn down a site if it's not the perfect fit, while still retaining your spot on the waiting list for future opportunities.

Whether you choose to purchase a trailer on site or join our waiting list for a spot to bring in your own, becoming a seasonal camper at Lake Arrowhead and Lakeside Campgrounds promises endless adventures, lasting friendships, and memories to treasure for a lifetime. Reach out to us today to find your home away from home!

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