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May Baskets: a Time-Honored Tradition in a Camping Community

In decades past, May Baskets were a widespread rite of spring in the United States. It was a curious custom popular in the 1800s and early 1900s. In the final days of April, people would gather flowers and candies and other goodies. These would be placed in May baskets and hung on the doors of friends, neighbors, and loved ones on May 1. The fun of it was the that the basket was often anonymous, and slipped over the doorknob under the cover of darkness.

Here at LAC we love the chance to show our fondness for our dearest ones, and we hope you do too! Join us in the Pavilion on April 29th while we make May Baskets! We'll have candies and silk flowers you can choose from, as well paper cones and ribbons. You can even write a little note of affection to slip inside!

That way, when May Day comes, you'll have your baskets ready in hand to show your loved ones you care.

Happy Spring!

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